Tina's    $9.99

2 eggs with choice of bacon, ham or butterfly sausage, includes pan fries*, toast (White, Brown or Rye)


Steak & Eggs    $14.99

Striploin steak with 2 eggs, pan fries*, toast (White, Brown or Rye)


Brandon's    $14.99

3 eggs, 3 sausage, 3 bacon, 3 ham, includes pan fries*, toast (White, Brown or Rye)


Denver Wrap    $12.99

2eggs, ham, white & green onions & cheddar cheese, wrap in a toasted flour tortilla or toast (White, Brown or Rye)



(All poutine are served with a sunny-side egg 

Breakfast Poutine   $9.99

Pan-fries, mozza xheese and Hollandaise sauce & topped with a sunny-side egg


Add spinach, mushroom, white & green onion, red and green peppers for   $2.99

Add diced bacon, ham & sausage for   $3.99




Served on English muffin, fresh fruit, pan fries* and Hollandaise sauce.

All eggs are poached soft (Runny yolk).


Bacon    $15.99

Classic Grilled Ham    $15.99

Shaved Prime Rib    $16.99

Smoked Salmon    $16.99

Roasted Vegetables    $15.99

Peameal Back Bacon    $16.99




3 eggs, all served with pan fries*, fresh fruit and toast  (White, Brown or Rye)

(All omelettes contain cheese)


Tomato Bruschetta   $14.99

Mozzarella cheese, diced tomatoes and fresh basil


Meat Lovers    $15.99

Bacon, ham, sausage and cheddar cheese


Garden Patch    $14.99

Roasted red and green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, green onions and cheddar cheese


Western    $14.99

Roasted red and green peppers, green onions, ham, diced tomatoes and cheddar cheese


Nanci's    $14.99

Cheddaer cheese and choice of (Bacon, ham or sausage)




Ashley's    $13.49

3 fluffy butter milk pancakes topped with icing sugar  and choice of bacon, ham, butterfly sausage or 2 eggs


Berry Morning    $13.99

3 fluffy butter milk pancakes topped with berries, icing sugar and whipped cream


Finn Pacake Meal    $13.49

3 Finn pancakes served with small bowl of fresh fruit and choice of bacon, ham, butterfly sausage or 2 eggs


Finn Berry    $13.99

3 Finn pancakes topped with berries, icing sugar and whipped topping




Dipped in cinnamon and egg (Add 2oz real maple syrup for $1.00)


French Toast    $13.95

3 slices of bread dipped incinnamon, milk and egg topped with icing sugar and choice of bacon, ham butterfly sausage or 2 eggs




(Add 2oz real maple syrup for $1.25)


Belgian Waffle    $13.49

Topped with icing sugar and choice of bacon, ham or butterfly sausage


Fresh Fruit Waffle    $13.99

Topped with icing sugar, fresh fruit and whipped topping


Banana Split Waffle    $13.99

Topped with strawberries, bananas, whipped topping, icing sugar & chocolate syrup


Pan fries contain green onions and bacon drippings.

**Fresh fruit may vary depending on seasonal availability



Bacon, Sausage or Ham    $3.50
Peameal Bacon (2 slices)    $4.50
One Egg    $2.50
Toast (2 slices)    $2.75
English Muffin    $2.95
Garlic Toast (2 slices)    $2.95
Hollandaise Sauce    $2.50
Large Fruit Bowl    $5.50
Small Fruit Bowl    $2.50
Real Maple Syrup (2 oz.)    $1.25

Pan Fries*    $3.50

Processed Cheese (per slice)    $2.25

Tomatoes (4 slices)    $2.25

Small Buttermilk Pancake (each)    $2.50

Finn Pancake (each)    $3.50

Small berries & whipped topping    $2.95
Large berries & whipped topping    $5.50

*Pan fries contain green onions and bacon drippings.

*Please notify your server of any allergies

*Pan fries contains roasted garlic pepper spice, and may contain bacon drippings

**Fruit may vary depending on seasonal availabilty  




All served with garlic toast and choice of  salad Dressings:  Balsamic vinaigrette, Italian or Ranch 

Add crispy chicken to any salad for $4.49


Caesar Salad    $12.99

Lettuce , croutons, bacon bits, parmesan cheese, tossed with Caesar dressing


Prime Rib & Goat Cheese Salad    $14.99

Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, warm mixed peppers & mushrooms, shaved prime rib, goat cheese, almonds & raisins




All served with Pan Fries*, with a choice of (Soup, Tossed or Caesar Salad)


Crispy Chicken Burger    $13.99

Sticky Thai sauce, tomatoes, red onions & lettuce on a toasted buttry brioche bun


Club House Sandwich    $14.99

Chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and processed cheddar cheese on 3 slices of toast


Chicken Caesar Wrap    $13.99

Crispy chicken, bacon, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, tossed in caesar dressing shredded cheddar cheese, wrap in a toasted flour tortilla


Classic Cheeseburger    $14.99

Made with fresh ground chuck, american cheese, tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, house BBQ sauce & mayo on a toasted buttery brioche bun


BLT Sandwich    $14.25

Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo on 2 slices of toast